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Financial Policy

Like many Canadians, you may have a dental plan through your employer, union or provincial government. There are a few key features that all patients need to be aware of with dental benefits. 

First, remember that a dental plan and a treatment plan are two different things:

 A dental plan is a means to help you to pay for your dental treatment. Employers provide health and dental benefits for a variety of reasons, including the promotion of good health.

A treatment plan is the personal plan you and your dentist develop together to meet your oral health needs. It serves as your road map to good oral health and should not be limited by what a dental plan will cover.


If you have a dental benefit plan:

It's up to you as a full partner in your oral health care to know how your plan works. Read the booklet or other materials available from your provider. We ask that If possible; please bring along a copy of your plan details for us to help you get the most out of your benefits.  We have created a helpful document to assist you to track and remain knowledgeable about your benefits. It is our goal at Innisfail Family Dental to help you understand and maximize your dental benefits. 

Regardless of whether you have dental benefits or not our fees are the same for all patients. Additionally, please note that many dental benefit plans are not designed to cover 100% of your treatment needs, and that some benefit plans have complete exclusions on certain treatment procedures. It could be said that dental benefits is more like a coupon than insurance. 

As mentioned earlier, your dental plan should never dictate your treatment plan.

If you are concerned about your out of pocket expense we can help you estimate how much will be covered before you move ahead. We can submit a pre-treatment plan to your dental carrier for a predetermination of benefits. A predetermination is not a guarantee of payment, but rather a tool to help identify out of pocket expense and reduce the chances of your claim for reimbursement being limited or declined. Remember that your dentist is treating you, not your dental plan.


As a courtesy, we do offer Direct Billing and accept direct payment from your Dental Benefit Carrier. If and when a portion of your dental care is not covered by your benefits your co-payment for treatment provided is due the day of treatment unless financing has been pre-arranged.  We offer several payment options:

Cash   /   Interac Direct Payment   /   Credit Card: Visa & MasterCard    /   Interac e-Transfer   /   Payment Plans

If you have any questions about dental benefits or our Financial Policy, please call the office at (403) 227-6666


Some things you need to know about your plan:

What is my benefit year?

Is there a deductible?

Is there a total dollar limit on my coverage and what percentage?

Will I still be covered if I change jobs?

To what extent am I covered for cleanings and x-rays?

To what extent am I covered for dental treatments such as fillings and root canals?

What about other treatments such as bridges and crowns, dentures and oral surgery? 

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