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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & bridges are an excellent, natural-looking option for replacing the upper portion of a tooth that has been too damaged to repair with a filling or dental bonding. Crowns & bridges may be used after endodontic (root canal) procedures, and to replace the visible portion of the tooth in dental implant procedures.

Custom sculpted using special, dental grade porcelain, zirconia and/or gold materials; crowns & bridges recreate the natural shape, color, size, texture, and translucence of natural teeth.

How Crowns Work

Crowns are used to replace the upper portion of teeth that have suffered serious damage but still have undamaged roots. The crown; a tough, durable, natural-looking replacement for the visible portion of the tooth, can be anchored securely in place, leaving you with a tooth that looks and performs like a natural tooth.

The Crown Process

The process for crowns takes place in three parts:

  1. Preparation of the tooth
  2. Creating the crown and
  3. Affixing the crown

During the first step, your damaged tooth will be prepared. In some cases, this involves endodontic (root canal) procedures to stabilize and treat damage. All decayed material will be removed from the tooth, and the tooth will be shaped to create an anchor for your crown.

Once this is complete, we will take a precise custom mold of your tooth, which we will use to create your new crown.  After the mold has been taken, a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth so that you can use it just like normal.

It takes a few weeks to create your new, custom crown. Before you leave, we will schedule you for your crown cementing appointment. Once properly fitted, we will use a specially formulated dental adhesive to permanently affix your new crown to your tooth. We will make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the fit and appearance of your new crown are just right, then we will polish your new crown to a smooth, natural-looking finish. 

Often crowns are used for teeth that have broken and cannot be properly fixed with a filling.

Your Consultation

Call or email our clinic in Innisfail, Alberta Canada today to schedule your personal consultation with us. We'll answer any questions you have about this and our other dental options.

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