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Oral Surgery

If you suffer from serious oral health problems that can only be resolved surgically, we offer a range of oral surgery options that can help you restore your dental health and your beautiful smile.

Some of our most common oral surgery procedures include:

  • Impacted wisdom tooth removal
  • Gum surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Oral Biopsies

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last teeth to become fully developed. When the wisdom teeth do begin to emerge, they often become impacted—trapped beneath the gums—because there is little room for them to grow in properly.

In cases such as this, we may need to perform a surgical procedure to extract these teeth before they cause serious pain and damage to surrounding teeth.

Usually performed under general anesthesia, wisdom tooth removal consists of carefully cutting away at the gum so that the impacted wisdom tooth can be removed completely.

Gum Surgery

In cases of intermediate to advanced gum disease, we may recommend surgical procedures to halt and to reverse damage. This may consist of one or both of the following procedures:

Gum Surgery — In this procedure, the gums are gently pushed back so the root of the tooth can be thoroughly cleaned and surfaced to prevent further damage.

Bone Grafting — In this procedure, damaged and depleted jawbones can be reinforced and strengthened using bone graft procedures.

Gum Grafting — In this procedure, areas of damaged and receded gum tissue can be replaced using gum graft procedures.

To learn more about our surgical and non-surgical gum treatments, see our Gum Treatment page.

Dental Implants

If you've lost or seriously damaged a tooth including both the upper portion and the root, dental implant procedures may allow us to completely replace your entire tooth, including the tooth root, with a dental implant. Consisting of a surgically implanted post to replace the tooth root, and an upper portion similar to a porcelain crown, a dental implant procedure is the only permanent, complete tooth replacement option available in dentistry today.

To learn more about dental implants, see our Dental Implants page.

This is only a sample of the many oral surgery options we offer.

Oral Biopsies

A thorough inspection of the oral cavity is routinely part of our comprehensive and recall examination.  A biopsy may be necessary for abnormal oral tissue spots, lumps, and bumps that cannot be diagnosed on the basis of the history and clinical findings alone. A biopsy procedure will determine the cause of the abnormal oral tissue by providing a tissue sample to a medical or dental pathologist for microscopic analysis.

Your Consultation

Call or email our clinic in Innisfail, Alberta Canada today to schedule your personal consultation with us. We'll answer any questions you have about this and our other dental options.

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